Ottmar has more than 30 years of experience in risk management as banker and regulator. He graduated in mathematics and economics at Cologne University, started his professional career 1983 at WestLB in Operations Research and moved to Investment Banking in 1998 where he managed the Bank’s banking book bond portfolio. 1995 Ottmar became Head of Risk Management Support & Control and run the Bank’s global market risk management; later his area of responsibility also covered operational risk management, credit portfolio modelling / reporting and the introduction of economic capital based enterprise risk management. 2005 Ottmar joined BaFin, Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. For three years he was in charge of Q RM, BaFin´s Department for Risk Modelling, which covers risk models in the banking and insurance industry. Currently acts as Senior Advisor and head of a unit in BaFin, focussing especially on the use of models in risk management, economic capital and counterparty risk models.