Patrick Aylwin was appointed Head of International Funding at ALM Treasury of the then new BNP Paribas Group in 1999 until 2015. Member of the Executive Committee of ALM Treasury, he was also member of a number of the Alco’s of the Group. Today he acts as Senior Adviser to ALM Treasury on tax, legal and regulatory issues. International Funding was a functional Treasury in Paris supervising the liquidity needs of approximately 350 “managed” Specialized Financial Services subsidiaries of the Group in approximately 40 countries. It also acted as a liaison between, the commercial development strategy of the Group’s businesses and subsidiaries, and the problematics of funding and the management of market risk – Emerging Markets in particular. This entailed maintaining a forward-looking vision of markets and of possible crises in order to facilitate the Group’s corporate objectives and intentions. After spending 10 years in industry establishing agro-industrial and food operations in Europe and the Middle East (based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) as well as innovative technology in the realms of wheat starch, gluten and isoglucose, he joined the Paribas Group in 1984 where he developed expertise in the areas of banking systems assessment – often with central banks, risk management, marketing to their service requirements as well as business development in Emerging Markets. An English-educated Frenchman (Ampleforth, BA (Hons) London University, Institute de l’Administration des Entreprises, Member of the British Institute of Management), he is also a Guest Professor of the Shanghai Finance University since 2002.