Pearly Lee received her PhD in Developmental and Reproductive Sciences, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, followed by an industry post-doctoral fellowship in Cardiovascular Discovery, at Aventis Pharma in Frankfurt, Germany. Pearly continued to build her scientific and business knowledge and experience in roles of progressive responsibilities at Merial, Amgen, and Abbvie. At Aventis, Pearly investigated the role of matrix metalloproteinases in cardiovascular diseases, by developing cellular proof-of-concepts for these enzymes in heart failure and atherosclerosis; she was also recruited to participate in R&D Strategic Projects, including: review of technology platforms, and strategic alliance mapping. At Merial in Lyon, France, Pearly led a cross-functional team in preclinical development of animal pharmaceutical product, participated in small molecule regulatory submission, and initiated implication of portfolio management practices. At Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA, Pearly facilitated dialogue between Commercial and R&D functions, to frame decision problems and develop strategic alternatives, led valuations in oncology and immunology, and facilitated objective assessment of trade-offs across different investment options. In supporting Portfolio Planning and Analysis activities, she led development and implementation of R&D portfolio review, and co-led implementation of TA portfolio prioritisation framework in oncology. Pearly also developed and implemented workload forecasting capabilities for large, complex R&D functions, and led cross-functional resource assessments, to inform management decision-making and to enhance integration of strategy and execution. Currently, Pearly is the Global Program Manager in Oncology and the Lead Program Manager for oncology BD opportunities.