Pedro Cataldo is an MBA in Management and Business Administration, Industrial Engineer, Bachelor of Science and Engineering Computer and Information Engineer with 19 years experience in the mining and utilities, leading multidisciplinary teams that incorporate and maintain operational continuity services Information technology, communications and automation that support business processes. His years of experience in the mining industry, allow you to fully control the business processes industry TICA and how to improve productivity and efficiency. In 2008, it assumes the challenge of organizing and TICA develop Minera Esperanza area belonging to Antofagasta Minerals Group, establishing and materializing a strategy based on governance and management of customer demand areas (with emphasis on mine and concentrator) and subsequent operational continuity (meeting agreed SLAs). They Services include: process control 800xA ABB plant, mine clearance system MineOPS system (Jigsaw) Leica Mining Systems, ERP Ellipse, Motorola radio system, ABB SCADA system, including others. The TICA strategy developed silo allowed to break paradigms for years have dominated the mining industry, adding value to the business. In late 2013 TICA committee is part of the group Antofagasta Minerals establishing the new strategy orporate technology under the new scenario of corporatisation. In 2014, he was appointed superintendent of the new company TICA of AMSA group, called Sentinel, which he formed from the merger of Minera Esperanza and Minera El Tesoro. In addition, he is member of the committee appointed TICA mining group, responsible for the corporatization of services. Teamwork-oriented, with strong focus on achieving results by applying high standards to meet business needs and customers. He has solid experience in negotiating with external suppliers and internal customers (ABB, Leica Mining Systems, Ventyx, SAP, Microsoft, Probe / Quintec, Cisco, Motorola, Adexus, IBM, Entel, Claro, Telefonica, Oracle, among others). Its main competences are: leadership, influence and communication at various levels, initiative, analysis and troubleshooting, executive, results-oriented business and ability to establish excellent human relationships, dedication to service, perseverance to overcome obstacles and passion to achieve goals.