Peter Dijkgraaf has over 30 years experience within the petrochemical industry. In 2005 he joined the BP Refinery in Rotterdam as maintenance manager where his main focus was to improve the refinery maintenance process, including, but not limited to shutdowns. In April 2010 he was awarded „Maintenance Manager of the Year” from the Dutch Association for Effective Maintenance. Since April 2013, Peter has left BP and started his own consultancy and training centre, specializing on flange integrity management. Main activities are certified trainings conform the European standard CEN 1591-4:2013 „Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted joint connections” and company ‘tailor made’ refreshment and awareness flange trainings. Furthermore, he has designed a patented flange competency test skid to determine the competency of bolting technicians to ensure the required contractor quality especially for large-scale projects and turnarounds. Lastly, he is conducting experimental research e.g. to measure friction coefficients for different bolt coatings and support companies to draft specific flange procedures.