Adiel Teixeira de Almeida is Full Professor of management engineering at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco and founding coordinator of the CDSID (Center for Decision Systems and Information Development). Before his current position, he worked in business organizations as engineer and manager. He holds a PhD in management engineering from The University of Birmingham, UK. His main interests are in decision-making related to multiple objectives and group decision problems, which includes methodological issues and applications. Also, he has been working as a consultant and with R&D projects for private and public organizations, where he has applied decision models in many contexts, such as: risk analysis, reliability and maintenance, project portfolio, project management, strategic modeling, and outsourcing. He authored or co-author several scientific papers in reviewed journals related to a variety of topics such as: Operational Research, Group Decision, Decision Systems, MCDM/A (Multicriteria Decision Making and Aid), Risk, Reliability, Maintenance. He serves on the editorial board of management and engineering scholarly journals, such as: Group Decision and Negotiation, Journal of Quality and Reliability Engineering and IMA Journal of Management Mathematics. He has been an active member of the main societies related to Operational Research, Group Decision, MCDM/A, Risk, Reliability and Maintenance topics.