Kim is the Technical Director of the National Traffic and Transport Strategy 2010-2020 for Kuwait (UN-Gov. Project), during 2008-2015. He is Chartered Prof.Engineer; Road Safety Eng. and Traffic Police Professional; Honorary M. of Road Safety Auditors Soc., and Project Management Professional. He is fluent in Arabic and English. Kim’s expertise includes over 30 years in various areas of Highways, Road Safety, Planning, Traffic Police, Urban Development, TDM, Public Transport (Rail, Metro, Bus), Information System, and ITS, with the UN, Multilateral Development Banks, and various Global Authorities. His countries of experience include UK, USA, Australia, China, Kuwait, Germany, Iraq, GCC, and NZ. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering; MSc and PhD in Transport Planning and Highway Engineering, UK; Post-Doctorate in Urban Transport and Economic, USA and Australia; and a Transport Professor Chair in China.