Although Renaire (also known as René) joined the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR) more than three years ago, she is no stranger to working in a regulatory environment mandated to manage, guide, facilitate, promote, enforce, monitor and evaluate compliance to health and safety legislation, regulations and standards. On completion of her undergraduate degree in the Biological Health Sciences, she initiated her research career in the environmental health field in local government where she specialised in epidemiology and Health Informatics with a strong focus on environmental, safety and governance issues. Positions held subsequent to this include that of senior researcher for a market research company, environmental specialist at the CSIR, academic researcher (Knowledge Management) at Wits University, and as a capacity development specialist, freelance organizational development consultant and business developer in Hanoi, Vietnam and Kathmandu, Nepal. As an inter- and multi-disciplinary scientist in possession of a MSc degree in Environment & Development with specializations in systems thinking, complex problem solving and multi-criteria decision analysis, she brings to the rail sector an integrated and innovation driven approach to railway safety with the aim of developing sustainable solutions to complex socio-cultural-politico and technical problems. She currently occupies the position of Executive Manager in the Office of the CEO where she gets to further develop and expand on her passions in sustainable development, systems thinking, strategic planning, organizational development and knowledge management whilst providing the organisation with regulatory and business governance research, development, support and guidance. Renaire is a well-rounded and seasoned conference speaker, programme director and chair in both the local and international arenas. She has presented at previous Fleming. coordinated African Railway Summits, Africa Rail conferences and International Railway Safety Councils.