In Axa since 2001 he had 3 main experiences in different cities targeting continuous progression. He worked for Axa local Entity in Italy (Axa Assicurazioni in Turin and in Milan). He coordinated all claims activities within a geographical zone (Mediterranean Zone in Madrid). He worked for the Global business line (Axa Global P&C in Paris) coordinating at Global level 5 claims programs. In 2015 Riccardo came back to Italy with the mission to coordinate the mass claims digital transformation and to lead as chief officer 2 claims departments: International claims and Antifraud and being promoted as global sponsor for International claims at Group level. Ricardo’s principal key knowledge are: PROGRAM MANAGEMENT – Concrete experience in dealing international projects and programs – Robust experiences as project leader – Experience in dealing transformation projects with focus on digital and automation and big data CLAIMS TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES – Robust technical knowledge in international law – Concrete “on field” experience in dealing bodily injuries ad large claims – Recognized experience in International claims matters such as international conventions, Rome 2, 4th directive ORGANIZATION AND PROCESS COMPETENCIES – Transversal technical competences thanks to the experience at Regional and at Global level – Expertise to build and deploy maturity models thanks to the experience in Opex in Axa Mediterranean Zone. – Experience to deploy Claims initiatives for green fields thanks to the experience in Mediterranean Zone. – Robust knowledge to deploy operational models and processes with a particular focus on: – Fraud fighting, – Recoveries, – Closed file review, – Catastrophic Events, – Large property claims. – Experience with big data approach – Good team leadership. – Trained to deploy change management in small medium and large organizations