Richard (Rich) Overman, MS, CMRP has been in maintenance and reliability engineering for over 30 years with most of that time specifically working with RCM analyses. He helped in developing the RCM program for the United States Naval Aviation . He was on the team that wrote the Society for Automotive Engineers RCM standards (JA1011 and 1012). The author of the book “Reliability Centered Asset Management” published in 2015. He was trained in the RCMII process by its author, John Moubray, and was a certified independent RCMII practitioner. As a Chief RCM Engineer at Wyle, Rich was instrumental in developing the “Versatile RCM” (VRCM) process, guiding the development of the VRCM software for performing the analyses He is currently the Founder and President of Core Principles, LLC where he is a consultant and trainer in RCM, maintenance process development, predictive maintenance, and other aspects of maintenance and reliability engineering. Rich has published and presented papers at over 25 conferences. Among his many publications, his “CORE Principles of RCM” was published in the Asset Management & Maintenance Journal (AMMJ). In his role as a mentor and facilitator, Rich has trained numerous people in the RCM process and facilitated many groups in performing RCM. Rich has been trained and has trained others in multiple RCM methods, so he has a unique understanding of what works and what does not. He has facilitated RCM analyses in various industries and for various companies including: Petro-Chemical: Oil Refining Chemical Manufacturing Pesticide Manufacturing Nuclear Power: Nuclear fuels processing plant Arizona nuclear power plant Sweden nuclear power plant Naval Submarine Force Aviation: US Navy; A-6, A-12, P-3, EA-6B, E-6B US Air Force; F-15 Other: Iron Ore Processing Phosphate Mining Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Aluminum Smelting Higher Education Partial List of Clients who have Benefitted from his Expertise ABB Alidade MER, Inc. Arkima, Inc. Bayer Crop Science BP PETRONAS Shell Cameco Carver PA Merridum, Inc. MRG Suncor University of Michigan University of Central Florida