Robert Miller is the district cooling specialist with Marafeq Qatar, a Qatar utility company specializing in district cooling, waste removal, and gas. Bob is a mechanical engineer who has served the district energy industry since 1978 and has been with Marafeq Qatar since 2011. His experience includes design of cooling and heating plants, piping and building interfaces for commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, military facilities and municipalities.  His work includes design of district heating and cooling piping and building connections. He has extensive experience in economic analysis of district energy utilities, including cost of service studies, utility rate design, and asset evaluation for potential acquisition. Bob has had a significant role in projects in both the USA and the Middle East. Bob holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Augustana College. He is a registered professional engineer.His recent work includes implementing the district cooling system in Lusail City which eventually will include 1000 customers, 170+ km (supply and return) network piping, and 350,000 TR production capacity. Bob was one of the principal authors of IDEA’s District Cooling Best Practice Guide for Middle Eastern Projects. The Guide provides practical insight and technical guidance on the “business” of designing, owning and operating district cooling systems.