Rod McBride is the Managing Director of Stephen Grubits & Associates Sdn Bhd (SGA Sdn Bhd) Malaysia. SGA Sdn Bhd commenced undertaking highprofile projects in Malaysia in 1996 and Rod has been permanently based in Kuala Lumpur for over 22 years. In addition to developing and undertaking Fire Engineering work in Malaysia, Rod has endeavored to expand SGA’s network into other Asia countries such as China, Philippines and Singapore. Developing the disciplines of Fire Engineering and Risk Assessment into Malaysia and other Asia countries has presented some enormous challenges. Dealing with local understanding and perceptions on fire safety took sustained perseverance particularly with Fire Authorities, Developers and local consultants. SGA Sdn Bhd has now taken its place as a leading and highly respected Fire Engineering consultancy in Malaysia capable of undertaking and solving the most difficult technical fire safety challenges presented.