For the last 30 years, Roman Olegovich Samsonov has made his way from a driller’s assistant to the managing director of Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC, the world’s leading scientific center of natural gas and gas technologies. Holding this post, he has been responsible for a range of strategically important project development in Gazprom LLC, including “The main development scheme of the gas industry in Russia,” gas and transport systems reconstruction in Russia and the “East Siberia and Far East development programs,” “Fields development in the Yamal peninsula and adjacent waters” and more. Besides that, he was responsible for the trials, certification and development organization with further industry integration and for the full list of the Research and Technological Development, in particular, pipes production. After that, he held managing positions in a range of large Russian state companies such as Central Geophysics Expedition, Rosneft, Rosgeologia, responsible for strategy and science development programs. His portfolio features large international projects such as the International Centre for Gas Technology Information of the IEA (Washington DC), the Gas Centre for ECE UN (Geneva) and others. He is an acknowledged international expert, participates in world natural gas market research scheduled through 2030 (special report of IGU 2009), LNG, LPG and CNG. He managed the BCS IBM governmental programs, East Europe and Asia division. Doctor of Engineering Sciences, MBA. Active member of the Technological Sciences Academy of the Russian Federation and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He is currently the chairman of the sectoral initiative “Pipeline Safety” of the Working Group in Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies in regulation acts issues WP.6, of the UNECE Committee on Trade Capacity and is a ‘Skolkovo’ mentor.