Yvette Rosan Mansingh heads the Customer Service Division with multi principles (customer). She handles a team of customer service agents and also manage 14 satellite depots (TSP) including cross border and also assist in taken on the Automotive Division in customer service area, which is a huge portfolio. She joined DHL Supply Chain in 2008 as a Customer Service Manager. She was tasked to manage 10 satellite depot around South Africa which were primarily about deliveries to end customer, challenges at the customer back door, proof of deliveries, on time and in full. She trained every depot on customer requirements and including drivers/crewman/picker and checkers in the warehouse. During this time she also studied Logistic and Supply Chain. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, she worked with companies like Skynet World Wide Express (Courier), TNT International Express, El-Shaddia Freight Logistic, and Value Logistics.