Rosemary is a legal professional whose practice focuses on the legal and regulatory affairs in the Tech space. In this dynamic field there is constant need to try and make sense of how the various innovative tech companies can have a healthy relationship with various policy stakeholders and the existing legal frameworks. Rosemary has given advice on corporate governance, corporate structure, policy development, Anti-Money Laundering and risk management, Intellectual Property, engagement with regulators as well as research relating to the deployment of FinTech services in various markets. She is a member of the National block-chain technology policy working group. Rosemary is co- organizer of NBO Legal Hackers which is the Kenyan chapter of Legal Hackers- a global movement of lawyers, policy makers, technologists, and academics who explore and develop creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology. Rosemary also serves as Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for Wayawaya a FinTech company in the remittance and payments space. In regards to the Cyrptocurrency, she has researched on the legal and regulatory approaches by regulators in regards to the technology and more specifically the guarded approach that has been adopted by the financial services. There have been advisory warnings by Central Bankers in Kenya and Uganda however in other jurisdictions like in the USA FinCEN has adopted a more welcoming approach. There is need for East African regulators to objectively analyse the possible use cases of Cryptocurrency, on a positive note it has created a safety net for collapsing economies as is the case in Venezuela.