Sabine Poltermann is a veterinarian by training. After finishing her PhD at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg and working in a small animal hospital, she started her career in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of pharmacovigilance almost 10 years ago. Sabine is an experienced speaker regularly providing seminars within her area of expertise; she is also an active member of the DGPharMed pharmacovigilance committee, and an intercultural trainer by training. Before her current position she was living in Panama where she was acting as Drug Safety Lead for the Latin American region. Her main tasks over there were to ensure a sustainable regional drug safety system including the design, implementation and maintenance of regional drug safety processes by aligning European standards with Latin American requirements. In 2012, Sabine joined Novartis Pharma in Germany, where she is acting as Head of Drug Safety Project Excellence, ensuring pharmacovigilance compliance in patient support and market research programs as well as social media and webpages, and being responsible for the local implementation of Risk Management Plans.