With 17 years experience in urban planning, traffic design and transport planning, Supply Chain and Logistics  as well as Accident/Incident investigation and analysis. Studied civil engineering at the Military Technical Academy of Serbian Army in Serbia and has over 16 years working experience with different companies and governmental bodies. In Serbia participated in the design of over 200 km of roads and highways, as well as traffic planning for cities and municipalities. After moving to Sultanate of Oman, mainly involved in the field Logistics and Supply Chain Management, as well as HSE, risk management and incident investigation. In addition wrote a manual for Traffic Accident Investigation with reference to desert environments. At the moment working as Logistics Cargo Development Coordinator in Petroleum Development Oman, and also as a  Road safety engineering consultant for TRACE Road Construction Company in Serbia. Over the years was involved in multiple urban and highway planning projects, and lately in project planning for the oil and gas in terms of supply chain and logistics. Also, for the last four years directly managing a In-Vehicle Monitoring System contract for PDO, overseeing and implementing data collected by the system about the driver behavior in order to determine possible conflict points on the road network.