Sean Maritz is currently acting as the CIO of Eskom Holdings Limited. Eskom is a state owned enterprise and generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors. As such the Group IT Division of Eskom is one of the largest IT houses in Africa and amongst its full array of IT Services manages the only fully accredited SAP CoE on the continent. Sean has in excess of 26 years of service in Eskom since graduating and his practical knowledge of the issues facing the utility currently is diverse and based on invaluable practical experience he has obtained in a wide range of roles within IT. Sean has amongst other things spearheaded the introduction of a digitization strategy in Eskom and is positioning IT to partner the Eskom business in its turnaround strategy. Sean is passionate about people and this fact is evident in the manner in which he leads and motivates the human capital within the Group IT Division. Sean consistently conceives, strategizes and develops plans for the IT Division drawing on his strong base of personal knowledge to empower the managers and employees in Group IT to respond with deliverables that support Eskom’s strategic imperatives. Sean is most comfortable when applying new approaches and methodologies to ensure a successful outcome for business. He enjoys exploring areas where there is little or no theory to guide experimentation or application, particularly where new approaches and methodologies need to be developed, and where future lines of outcomes are difficult to determine. Sean consistently demonstrates a strong value system in the transparent manner in which he makes mission critical decisions and is extremely passionate about new technologies and the role they can play in becoming game-changes for both business and people in their personal lives.