Slim Mezghenni is the Head of Information Technology (CIO) of Taysir-microfinance Tunisia certified ITIL. Mezghenni provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment throughout the Bank and he is responsible for controlling the technological resources of Taysir-microfinance. This covers a wide swathe of responsibilities, considering how technology is so inextricable linked to business processes in the modern Bank. Prior to joining Taysir-microfinance, Mezghenni spent 20 years in informational technology roles in various banks internationally renowned (Citibank, UBCI group BNPPARIBAS, BIAT , ZitounaBank,Bank-ABC …) The primary responsibilities of Mezghenni encompass a wide variety of strategic technology issues: governance and policy, resource allocation, information technology protocols, and the Taysir-microfinance Tunisia Information Technology organization. In particular, he has been responsible in recent years of implementing BI projects “Business intelligence” in order to facilitate decision making by policy makers, that is to say, understanding the current operation and anticipating actions for informed management of the company.