Stefaan van Hooydonk started his career in investment consulting in China. From there he moved to set up the executive education arm of a major business school in Shanghai (CEIBS), which he ran for 5 years. Subsequently, he was asked to become head of Nokia’s corporate University in Greater China. After having succesfully set up eLearning for Nokia’s 20+ sites and 8,000 employees in China, he was asked to become Nokia’s Global eLearning Director. In this role, he was responsible for Nokia’s global eLearning strategy, responsible for setting direction, implementing strategy and ensuring that eLearning was integrated throughout the company’s training and development processes, both for Nokia’s employees, but also for Nokia’s partners and end-users. In fact, he set up structures and processes for Nokia to reach 200 million eLearners. He was also driving force behind the company’s goal of introducing mobile learning and ‘edu-gaming’ to users around the world. He then moved to Agfa where he was Head of the Academy, and brought in to modernise and innovate the training function. He was asked to innovate learning for employees and customers @ Philips HQ in the role of global CLO for its Lighting division in 2010. He introduced the notion of “speed to knowledge” across the entire ecosystem, resulting in a big focus on digital learning, knowledge transparency and informal learning. Since August 2015, Stefaan lives and work in Bangalore as CLO for Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer and is trying hard to unlearn: for a new age company full of millennials and in a fast moving economy: he is setting up the Flipkart University as a vehicle for people and organisations to accelerate their (un)learning in the 21st century.