Sudhir Sawarkar is Dy General Manager for Regional Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs in Dabur International Ltd, Dubai. Dabur International Ltd has footprints in the Middle East, Europe, the USA, Africa, SEA, etc. He currently heads global quality assurance and regulatory affairs for International business of the leading global FMCG company. With 18 years invested in FMCG Business with multinationals in the areas of regulatory affairs, quality assurance and new product development, his responsibilities include formulating strategies, implementing work plans as well as day-to-day interaction with regulatory authorities & experts. He performs a key advisory role on cosmetic product design during the entire product life cycle. He has provided solutions for various regulatory challenges across geographies and has been involved in product safety and efficacy studies for a wide range of cosmetic products. He is a visiting speaker on recent trends and challenges in cosmetics and across various universities in India and Gulf countries. With 17 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry – FMCG, Foods & Beverages and Healthcare/Personal Care products, Mr. Sawarkar is a strategic and executive leader with strong cross-functional knowledge and industry awareness; in-depth understanding of processes and technology; and presenting expertise in infusing quality competitiveness in international business by establishing industry best practices, global standards & regulations. A “big picture” visionary with strong customer and product focus, he anchors corporate programs on QA/QC initiatives, including enforcement of Regulatory mandates. Sudhir Sawarkar currently heads Regional Quality programs and Regulatory affairs of Dabur International Ltd. – Dubai, UAE.