Suleman Muhammad Ali is the Head of Products and Segments at Muzn Islamic Banking – National Bank of Oman. Prior to this he was associated with Product Development, Shariah Compliance and Investment Banking units at Meezan Bank Limited leading the product development function related to Islamic Structured finance, Sukuk Issues, Treasury, Corporate & SME Finance and Islamic Finance training. He has been involved in the structuring of a major number of Sukuk and Islamic syndications executed in Pakistan including structuring of the country’s first ever short term Sukuk (KAPCO Sukuk), Soveriegn GOP Ijarah Sukuk, PMCL Air time Sukuk, Engro Rupyiah Sukuk etc. Mr. Ali has been involved in various industry level initiatives for instance the development of Islamic Benchmark in Pakistan and Islamic Secondary Mortgage Securitization. Mr. Ali is also a regular trainer on Islamic Finance at State Bank of Pakistan’s National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF) and is regular speaker on the subject at local and international conferences.