Susanne Korsgaard is the Global Ethics Consultant at Ferring Pharmaceuticals operating in 65 countries. She is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was from 2006-2016 responsible for development of the Ferring Group Ethics awareness programme and management of the company’s whistle blowing system. Susanne is an attorney-at-law, holds a degree in Business Administration, is certified in Executive Coaching and has several diplomas in Human Resource Management and Leadership Development. She has more than 27 years’ experience from management- and leadership positions, hereof more than 14 years in senior level positions, including membership of the Board of Directors. Susanne was headhunted to Ferring in 2000 to a high-profile project overseeing the building and construction of new premises in Copenhagen and to facilitate the merge of 3 Ferring entities to the new facilities. In 2002 she was appointed head of HR and Administration and in 2006 she was asked to build up an Ethics function within Ferring as a side-project to her management responsibilities. Since January 2010, she continued developing the Global Ethics Office full time and she reported directly to the Ethics & Compliance Committee under the Ferring Board of Directors.