Sven Ravndal started his professional carreer in 1994 as a Physicist in the IT Division of CERN, the the European Organization for Nuclear Research based in Geneva, Switzerland. In the following years he worked as a technology consultant in the field of the financial industry, leading projects in various fields from Retail banking to Investment banking throughout Europe. Sven focused on Risk methodologies and new technology implementations in the several banks over the course of those years. In 2009 Sven joined HSBC Private Banking S.A. in Geneva Switzerland as a team leader in Business Project Management. Today Sven leads a Transformation team based in several European locations, with its biggest footprint in Switzerland. The Transformation team is focussing on bringing business strategy in line with technology solutions from the market. His team focus on digital propositions and operational effectivness through global roll-out of a global target operating model for HSBC Private Banking.