Swapan was born in Orissa, India. He completed his B.S in Chemical Engineering from NIT- Rourkela, India in 1988 and proceeded to US for his MS degree. He graduated from University of Nevada, Reno in 1991 with a Major in chemical & metallurgical Engineering and Minor in Environmental Engineering. He received full financial support as Research Assistantship (RA) from the DoE, US government for his entire tenure of studies. He then returned to India and commenced a career in EHS management specializing in operational EHS, Environmental Management & Sustainability aspects in the project management and manufacturing field. His areas of interest are hazardous waste management, waste minimization and recycling, GHG reports and steps taken to reduce the same, waste water recycling and zero discharge. He has participated in various forums and technical session in the sustainability expert panel. He is invited as key note speaker in various sustainability seminars and conferences.Swapan is a leader in sustainability and EHS and have created and headed sustainability functions in four major multinationals across the energy utility, oil, gas and chemicals sectors. Have developed and implemented company-wide sustainability strategies and programs and have a particular focus on identifying and developing commercial and market based opportunities based on sustainability. Strategic leader and proactive self-starter with a track record of building and leading effective cross-functional, multi-site, and multi business teams, driving behavior change initiatives, and implementing EHS strategies. Strengths include developing cost-effective EHS programs that align with business goals and implementing sustainable cultural/organizational change through creating partnerships and buy-in. Excellent influencing capabilities and extensive company-wide networks in leading the EHS function across 61 countries.