Sylvie is part of the Patient-Centricity unit for promoting and building patient centered products, tools and solutions that fit into people’s lives and improve healthcare outcomes. Better understanding patients unmet needs and self-management is a priority for sanofi. This is why one of our goals is to integrate the patient voice into conversations traditionally dominated by physician and payer perspectives. This department works closely with the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Divisions and other Business Units to create a holistic understanding of a patient’s daily experience and translate patient concerns into novel healthcare delivery solutions. As part of her scope, she contributes to introducing Design Thinking methodology and co-creation process with patients and HCP into across the organization to design programs and solutions which will fit into people’s lives. Understand better behavioral science and mechanisms which impact people’s behavior is a key lever for Patient Empowerment and adherence, so leveraging expertise in this field is also part of her scope. Finally, she leads the “Connecting Nurses” program at sanofi which is a global initiative providing nurses with a best practice sharing platform around nursing innovation and patient empowerment. This initiative was presented at TEDx 2013 and won several awards like the Ad Age Healthcare Impact GOLD award. Sylvie has a senior expertise in Global Medical Academic partnerships (cardio-thrombosis and diabetes), with a 10 year experience as the Head of communications at the French Heart Foundation and Society of Cardiology. Sylvie has a Master in Marketing and Public Health degree (Paris, France)