Mr. Taher G. Sachak has studied in UK and is a graduate in Business Studies from Bournemouth University, and also has a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies from Liverpool University. Following his studies he joined the British Civil Service and after 5 years decided to pursue a career in life assurance. He held executive positions in major UK Life Assurance Companies before coming to Pakistan in 1994 to join EFU Life. His particular expertise lies in sales management and marketing. He helped introduce new concepts and products in Pakistan such as “unit linking” and “critical illness”. These innovations introduced by EFU Life gave the average investor the opportunity, for the first time in Pakistan, to avail the latest products marketed in the West. He is also a Director of EFU General Insurance and Vice Chairman of Allianz EFU Health and Director of Institute of Capital Markets and a “Certified Director” from Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.