Terry combines a unique background in education and emergency response to be a passionate and skilled emergency response instructor. Following seven years of public school teaching experience, Terry has spent most of the following twenty years in emergency response, most of that as a trainer and instructor. His knowledge of instructional methodology combined with formal education and experience as a boots on the ground responder gives meaning to the response plans that he develops and delivers. Terry has delivered interactive sessions in emergency response to hundreds of groups at the local, regional and national level across the US from Chicago to Texas, and internationally in Kuwait and UAE. His work in Thermal Imaging instruction for emergency response was ground breaking. His goals are to give you tools that you not only can but will implement into your workplace every day. Terry desires to change the world, and hopes to do that by helping each of you make your corner of the world safer. His response planning and instructional experiences include fire fighting, hazardous materials response, mass casualty incidents, oil and gas industry, response to terrorist events, and emergency medical response.