Theophilus (Theo) Nix, Jr., is a captivating speaker who draws from his broad experiences in life to motivate and inspire people of many ages, stages and diverse backgrounds. Theo has practiced law, and specifically construction law, for over 30 years in both the private and corporate sectors and has worked for 2 international companies. Currently, he drafts and negotiates multi-million dollar international and national construction and engineering contracts in a buy space of 3 billion dollars annually for DuPont Corporation, a global Fortune 100 company with 90 offices worldwide. Theo has worked in Congress, for Bechtel, Boston Housing Authrority, held elective office, and is an entrepreneur who has started many businesses that included a construction company, building houses, ran his own law firm and continues to provide business and legal consulting. He has also been a construction arbitrator. Theo has held several Board positions that include the Delaware Contractors Association, the Philadelphia Minority Contractors Association and the Delaware YMCA. He has received numerous awards for public service. Theophilus is a dedicated husband, father, eldest sibling, son, and mentor to many youth and young adults around the country. His experiences and contacts span business, politics and entertainment. His desire for learning has turned his “gift of communication” into a passion. By sharing his motivating stories, Theo encourages others to think differently to live an extraordinary life and to discover their inherent greatness and God-given destiny for their lives despite their current circumstances. Theo speaks to youth and adult groups around the country and currently has a series on how to create, sustain, transfer and teach generational wealth in which he shares some learned experiences from some of the most successful business and creative people of our generation.