Thomas Balzer, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices Thomas Balzer is a Pharmacist and Chemist. He is working for the German regulatory agency BfArM since 2000 as reviewer and project manager. He is involved in EU Telematics development since 2002 as member in several telematics groups (EUTCT, EudraPharm) and as co-chair of Reference Data Model group (RDM) at EMA. As delegate for Germany (DIN) at ISO Technical Committee 215 (Health Informatics), he is member of working group WG6 (Pharmacy). He is chair of the national mirror group for WG3 and WG6 at DIN. Since reorganization of EMA’s telematics infrastructure, he is Co-Chair of the EU Network Data Board (EUNDB) and member of Human Change Management Board. As a member of EUNDB, he is also part of the IDMP Task Force, a joined group of EMA, NCAs, industry association, and software vendors going to implement IDMP in EU. Together with colleagues from Canada, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and USA, he founded the GInAS initiative to establish the Global Ingredient Archival System as international database for substance information in the pharmaceutical sector.