Mr. Robinson is a co-founder of MediSpend® /MMIS, Inc. and serves as the company’s Chief Knowledge Officer and General Counsel. Mr. Robinson participates as a subject matter expert with the MediSpend engineering team to ensure that the MediSpend Global Compliance Platform meets all state, federal and international requirements for healthcare transparency reporting. Mr. Robinson works with the MediSpend executive management team, partners and advisors to lead the product development roadmap for the MediSpend Global Compliance Platform. As a subject matter expert in the area of global transparency reporting and healthcare compliance, Mr. Robinson supports MediSpend customers during the implementation process to ensure identification of all source spend within customer systems. In addition, Mr. Robinson works with the MediSpend Compliance Attorneys to ensure that all customer implementations satisfy all reporting requirements. Mr. Robinson holds a JD from the University of New Hampshire Law School and a LLM from Boston University Law School and is a recognized industry leader often speaking at industry conferences.