Ubaldo Ciminieri joined Technip USA in 2013 after returning from Algeria where he lead the construction of Skikda LNG Facility for Sonatrach, while working for KBR, Inc.. Ubaldo was appointed as a Vice President and Executive Project Director on the offshore business unit overseeing Technip NA’s LNG group. For over 12 years Mr. Ciminieri was overseas leading the design, construction and startups of several mega size LNG/GTL projects in Africa and Middle East. This included coordination of design and procurement activities executed in various operating centers around the world, and vendor and site construction activities. His design, procurement and construction career started over 44 years ago in the oil and gas, and other manufacturing facilities worldwide. His experience with overall project execution is very extensive including PDPs, FEEDs, and E-P-C-C executions. Mr. Ciminieri has delivered impressive results working in joint ventures with multinational E&C companies worldwide, coordinating the use of each companies systems and tools for most efficient execution. The following is a list of some of the main projects he has participated: – Skikda LNG, Algeria, Project Director – Pearl GTL, Qatar, Utilities Project Director – NLNG Bonny Island Train 4/5/6/7, Nigeria, Project Director – SEGAS LNG, Egypt, Project Director