This member (membership 1301-02-112) of ASAS / (“Association of Shariah Advisors in Islamic Finance”) upholds Shariah professional practices experience about thirteen years in Islamic Banking and Finance industry. He is actively being engaged by IBFIM / (“Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia”) as accredited Shariah trainer for its accredited certification and fundamental Islamic Finance programs. He is also a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (MTS-NS-100-106) and Neuro-Semantics (MTS-NS-200-106) by the NSNS (The International Society of Neuro-Semantics). Currently he is appointed with Shariah advisory role at a few organizations, such as Shariah Consultancy firm, Islamic cooperative organization and Islamic Financial Institution inclusive as the Shariah Advisor and Lead Consultant of Edbiz Consulting Limited (founded and chaired by global prominent scholar Prof. Dr. Humayon Dar), the Chairman of Shariah Board of Dar Imtiyaz Solution (“DIS”) and a member of Shariah Committee of Munich Re Retakaful (Malaysia) Berhad. In Islamic Finance, he did practice holistically almost in all area inclusively Islamic capital Market, Corporate banking, Asset Management, Retail banking, Takaful and Retakaful. He held position as one of the top management member as Head Shariah, member of senior management committee, merger integration sub-steering committee, secretary to Shariah committee and permanent attendee to Board of Directors meeting and Directors Committees in a few enormous Islamic Finance corporate companies such as AmFamily Takaful (an Islamic Insurance business arm under Ambankgroup), Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (the largest Islamic Bank in term of asset in Malaysia), HLISB (Global Islamic Banking), Affin Islamic Bank Berhad, Kuwait Finance House Malaysia Berhad and RHB ISLAMIC Bank Berhad. He was member of editorial moderation committee for Shariah fundamental module for Islamic Finance programme of IBFIM, working committee for BNM Shariah standard and also known as speaker in few industry Conference, Seminar, Training courses, including government initiative through YADIM and etc.