Veli Aghdiran is the APAC Talent Development and Cultural Director at Essence.  He is an ICF-accredited coach, seasoned facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner who sits as a member of the the regional leadership team. He has been pivotal in designing and executing Essence’s organisational transformation journey globally. With an in-depth understanding of organizational behaviour and impact of culture on business results, Aghdiran likes to challenge old, redundant practices and make way for new ones. He joined the agency in 2013 as senior client relationship manager and was critical in onboarding key clients in EMEA. He actively advised on corporate strategy and defined best practices along with senior leaders across the business.  He transitioned to training and development soon after. Before Essence he worked with various online digital startups. Aghdiran is passionate about people and technology and has a strong background in digital start-ups, both VC-funded and self-funded.  He is multilingual; besides his native English, he can speak, write and read Russian, French and Turkish.  Aghdiran has lived in Russia, Japan, Singapore and London and enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures.