Dr. Véronique MONJARDET has over fifteen years of consulting and services experience related to the life sciences industry challenges. For the past 6 years, she has invested in compliance field being a subject matter expert for transparency in France, and following the trends to Europe and APAC. This helped her to develop the business needs for customers globally, regionally or locally. She has a good experiment in delivery project, she has conducted many compliance reviews, gap assessment, risk assessments for large and mid-sized pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with compliance issues related to sales, marketing and medical affairs. Presently as Country manager France and Head of BD Europe at Polaris, Ms Monjardet is responsible for all compliance activities addressing local and international transparency regulations requirements (e.g. EFPIA, French Transparency Law) and consulting services. Topic of the year is the FMV methodology and TL evaluation. Prior to joining Polaris, Ms. Monjardet worked for Cegedim. She was a leader in the compliance and transparency practice, performing analyses of policies, processes and systems. Prior to his tenure at Cegedim, Ms. Monjardet worked as a scientist for drug and discovery services companies owning a phD. in Chemistry.