Dr. Violeta Ristic has been working at the Agency for Medicine and Medical Devices, Belgrade, Serbia since September 2011. She started as a clinical trial document evaluator and already in 2012 she begun participating and executing clinical trial inspections. Since then, Dr. Ristic has worked closely with European Medicines Agency (EMA) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection performed on the grounds of Republic of Serbia. Dr. Violeta Ristic earned her doctor of medicine degree in 1990, at the University of Medicine in Nis, Serbia. Immediately after graduation she started working for the Pharmaceutical-Chemical Industry “Zdravlje” (later rebranded as Actavis) at their Research and Development facility. After successfully completing her tasks at the R & D department, Dr Ristic transffered to the Communication Center of the Public Relations branch. She was soon moved to a higher position in Business Relationship department, thriving in the Logistics Management of the global market sector. Her achievements within the company were many, but the crown role was her participation in company’s global rebranding where she was the team brand manager. Dr. Ristic has completed many training classes in leadership and global strategic marketing management, team building, marketing , public relations and finally in GCP inspection.