Vjekoslav Benussi is a Product Manager of Tradecity – Managing of worldwide operations for Tradeticity LLC, specialized in serialization, track and trace, loyalty and hospitality. Together with team performed geo expansion, opening of UK and Brazil offices. His main responsibilities are development of client relationship and increasing brand visibility on worldwide level. Starting GAMP5 Validation process and ISO standardization of the company. Winning 2nd place on Kirkwood Luxury brand IT solutions competition. Vjekoslav was working as CRM consultant and he has developed in depth knowledge about dealing and negotiating with customers. This knowledge he is widely applying today, while working as Territory account manager, mainly dealing with government industry. In sales, he has closed deal of major importance to IBM Croatia, from infrastructure renewal in APIS IT (2003) and HZMO (2007) based on System z, over SOA infrastructure and migration of traditional PL applications to SOA and Java on websphere (HZMO), to most important project in his career “Integrated court case management system-eSPIS” – solution for courts. To achieve above mentioned results Vjekoslav developed sophisticated negotiation skills, imagination and innovation techniques over bringing highest value to IBM customers but also to IBM. His sales techniques and in depth knowledge of SSM, his teamwork with other colleagues from different IBM departments (GBS, GTS, SWG & STG) are strong guarantee on exceptional success of IBM when approaching customer. His specialities are: Business analytics and optimization Strategy, transformation consulting Project management Human capital management Sales transformation Communication and negotiation in consulting environment Presentation techniques Signature selling method Emerging and competitive selling Advanced negotiation skills Time management Selling to C-Level.