Xabier Goenaga has worked in leading positions in the field of innovation policy since he joined the European Commission in 1990. He is currently Head of the newly created Unit on Finance, Innovation and Growth of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, responsible for analysing and synthesizing available evidence within the JRC and beyond to better support EU policies in these fields. Before that, he was responsible amongst others, for translating the smart specialisation concept developed in academia for research policy into a broader economic policy concept aimed at driving innovation investments from the EU Structural Funds in the regions and member States. He was also responsible for the JRC team developing the micro-simulation models and macro-economic models currently used by the European Commission to assess the impact of tax reforms on households and companies at EU level. Before that he worked in DG RTD and was responsible for the management of EU programmes for small and medium sized enterprises and in the field of agro-industry. He worked for a year at an environmental consultancy firm AQUAPLAN in Barcelona. He is a Chemical Engineer holding a PhD from the University of Wales, a BSc from the University of the Basque Country and a master degree in public management from the École Solvay, ULB, Brussels.