Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing And Local Government Dr. Mohd Pauze bin Mohamad Taha holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from University of Malaya, he also has a Master in Environmental Science from University of Hiroshima, Japan and PhD in Waste Management from University of Cranfield, United Kingdom. He started his career in 1985 as Civil Engineer in Public Works Department before serving with State Health Department for 8 years. He served as Principal Assistant Director in Ministry of Health Malaysia for 11 years since 1998 till 2009 before being appointed as Director of Technology and Research at SWCorp. Recently he was promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Technical) on 4th January 2016. He has involved in the preparation of several guidelines, blueprint and SOP such as Guidelines for Developing and Implementing Early Action for Site Remediation, Developing Conceptual Site Models for Contaminated Sites, Landfill Safe Closure Requirements, Sustainable Consumption and Producti