Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi bin Hasan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Commission of Malaysia since April 2010. Prior to this position, he has held several positions in the Energy Commission, namely as Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of Gas Regulation. Before joining the Energy Commission, he has also served in the Department of Electricity and Gas Supply and the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. He is a professional engineer with 35 years of regulatory experience, including in regulating the technical, economic and safety aspects of electricity and gas industries. He is also actively involved with industry stakeholders in the development and promotion of energy policies, standards and educational programmes. He is a Member of the Atomic Energy Licencing Board of Malaysia, President of National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission, and Executive Committee Member of the East Asia Pacific Infrastructure Regulatory Forum. Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), United Kingdom, and his Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan, United States of America. Other conferences Offshore Engineering Asia 2014 Smart Grids Talk