Yekaterina Li is the CEO and co-founder of Medical Avenue Co., an international medical tourism agency and medical tourism development consulting company with HQs in Seoul, South Korea and a branch office in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The company’s ongoing partnerships and projects extend to Germany, England, Malaysia and Mexico. Before starting her career as an entrepreneur in the medical tourism industry Mrs. Li worked for the marketing and business development departments at LG Kazakhstan and General Electric in Paris, France. In South Korea she collaborated as an outsourcing translator for the Kazakhstan government and Korean companies while completing her second graduate degree at KAIST. Three years ago, after analyzing the best practices of the industry and identifying the challenges and opportunities within it, Mrs. Li decided to establish Medical Avenue in South Korea to use the local medical strengths and promote the liaison between the CIS region and the Asian country. Mrs. Li is also an active member of the Medical Tourism Association in the US. She participates in conferences and discussion forums to advocate for a better understanding of the industry and to increase the awareness for the need to adapt global models to the specific regional demands and requirements.