“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.” Proverb For Yvette Miata Petersen Project Management constitutes more than a profession, it is a passion. Over the past 12 years Yvette has worked within the Project Management Office at Hoffmann La Roche, Novartis and Zealand Pharma (mid-size Biotech) enabling Project Teams to progress the development of drugs from early discovery to Phase 2. Yvette has a sound scientific background (PhD gastrointestinal pharmacology) that she considers an asset, but not an essential, for a Project Manager in an R & D environment. Via her work in different organizations Yvette has gained significant insight into what she considers Best Practices for Project Teams. She is particularly interested in communication and collaboration practices and the impact these have on Project Team and efficiency and competency. Yvette currently lives in Basel and via her life experiences in Sierra Leone, Canada and Denmark has acquired a good understanding of the impact of background and culture on communication and collaboration practices in global project teams.