Zack serves as the Director of Enterprise Architecture and Digital Strategy at ALDO Group. Zack provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, digital transformation and secure information technology environment throughout the ADLO Group departments. In addition, he has effectively raised IT’s visibility within the organization by bringing technology decisions and issues to the forefront of crucial Executive Committee discussions. Right now, he is leading the implementation of ALDO consumer’s journey program and GDPR compliance across all departments. Zack has held several leadership roles in the information technology and digital media fields. He’s been a key player in releasing the massively popular mobile application LaPresse+ and StarTouch, with hundreds of thousands of daily users, connected to the LaPresse+ multiplatform ecosystem. He has nearly 18 years of experience in the planning, development, delivery, and monitoring of technical solutions that address the needs of his customers in support of their missions. Zack has a master’s degree in software engineer from University of Montreal and an EMBA at McGill-HEC Montreal. He may be contacted at