Dr. Zahra AL-Rawahi is Director of Research of Information and Communication Technology at the Research Council. She was an Assistant Professor and Computer & Information Technology Chairperson at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) – College of Medicine & Health Sciences for several years. She is the founder of Telemedicine and Medical Informatics group at SQU. She is also a member of many International professional organizations on ICT(Information and Communication Technology). Dr. Al-Rawahi was responsible, in particular, for developing the E-Learning/E-Assessment solutions and driving the integration of ICT in Higher Education. She is currently investigating methods of using Information Technology to build efficient e-Government Systems that use ICT to deliver better services to Citizens and Businesses. Dr. Al-Rawahi holds a Ph.D in Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligences from University of Sussex, a Master degree in Educational Technology from New Mexico State University and a Bachelor degree in Physics from Sultan Qaboos University.