Zsolt is the second in rank of OTP Mobile, the company behind the Simple application introduced in 2014, which provides an unmatched and comprehensive shopping experience to its users on three mobile platforms. Zsolt’s studies were mainly taking place in the United States at the Case Western Reserve University, where he earned an MBA degree, and at Cornell University, where he received a degree in financial management. He started his career as a business development manager at Westel in 1997. He was responsible for introducing the mobile version of banking and financial services to the public. Later he transferred to Vodafone where he was head of business development and was in charge of the preparation of Vodafone Mobiltárca’s launch. He joined the OTP Mobile family in May, 2014 as deputy CEO. His main tasks include the development of the Simple application which grew to be Hungary’s no. 1 m-commerce application since its launch in 2014. At the moment it operates 9 different industry’s marketplace in 1 m-comm app.