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  • Vincent Borg
  • Hospital CEO
  • Vamed, UAE

Mr. Borg has been employed with VAMED in the UAE since the start of 2017. However, he has been employed in the private health sector in Australia for in excess of 37 years, with the last 23 being in senior management positions across acute, mental health and rehabilitation services. His experience is in both brown and greenfield developments and has been integral in turn around financial performance of assets that were under-performing.

Mr. Borg has excellent strength in fostering workplace relations that thrive and has consistently lead organizational cultures through employee engagement that reveal that employees are heavily committed to the strategic direction of the service under his care. This is done via a range of contemporary people engagement techniques. He is passionate about quality of service and patient engagement and believes a genuine opportunity exists in the UAE to elevate both of these important aspirations of any health service.