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How will this e-workshop be presented?

This e-workshop combines theory and practice. We use examples to illustrate how the techniques presented have been applied in real case studies. The purpose is to use a mix of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented.

The delivery will be facilitated on our browser-based e-learning platform,
and presented through a combination of live “on-line” workshops and tutorials, interactive exercises, video case presentations and case studies.

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Course description

Online negotiation is becoming increasingly attractive, as it allows us to negotiate across the miles cheaply and quickly. Yet online negotiation creates special challenges. With email, instant messaging, and text messages, negotiators typically lack visual, verbal, and other sensory cues to interpret how their counterpart is feeling. And while video conferencing adds many of these cues to the picture, it’s still an imperfect form of online negotiation. The workshop will give you a real insight into the nature of online negotiation and how it can be used well. We will start by reminding ourselves about negotiation – what it is and how it should be used. Then we will look at how best to take negotiation online, focusing on the need for good, clear communication and exploring the various tools and techniques available. You will learn how to get the best out of online negotiation and have a chance to practice your skills by playing out a negotiation scenario with fellow delegates. Most importantly, we will explore how taking negotiations online can help us out in a crisis. Finally, you will spend time planning action – what do you want to change when you return to your workplace.

By attending this workshop you will acquire the following skills

Understand the nature of negotiation – what it is and how and when it can be used

Participate in a simple negotiation scenario, to illustrate some key principles

A ppreciate the difference between positions and interests, and identify tradables

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of online negotiation

Take negotiation online in an effective manner

Communicate clearly online – and get your message across

Be able to use a range of online negotiation tools and techniques

Get the best out of online negotiation

Participate in a longer negotiation scenario, to practise your online negotiation skills

Respond effectively in a crisis, such as that presented by the Covid-19 pandemic

The BMTG training style

BMTG employ best practice interactive training techniques.

All our Trainers are highly experienced practitioners who have operated successfully in the field and are with BMTG by reputation and invitation only. We have no ‘beginners’.

The BMTG e-Learning Academy online technique involves a blend of virtual classroom sessions, highly intensive case study exercises, classroom interaction and feedback, one to one coaching from the trainer. Where required, video is used to allow participants to see themselves in action.

BMTG have found this to be one of the most effective e-training methodologies to date and many large multinationals and training companies have also taken up this approach.


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