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  • Chris Jerman, CFIOSH
  • Safety consultant
  • Anker & Marsh, United Kingdom

Chris began his safety career in the foundries of South Yorkshire having spent his formative years in production management. Schooled largely by the EEF in Sheffield, Chris saw the move from the rule-driven regime of the Factories Act to the more modern risk-led approach offered by the Management Regulations. Where many may have seen risk assessment as a burden, Chris took this new requirement as an opportunity, realising at a very early stage that being risk-centric was the way forward.

Moving from heavy industry, Chris spent several years in consultancy and training, working right across Europe and into the Far East, during which time he had the opportunity to see how various risk models worked; the keys to their success and the common pitfalls too.
Joining John Lewis in 2005, Chris had the perfect opening to put into practice all that he had learned, benefiting from all of the support of a renowned and forward looking business.

As a Chartered Fellow of IOSH, Chris has spoken across the UK and throughout Europe, the Far East and the US on the subject of safety risk management. Praised for his approach to making things easier and more effective, Chris co-authored a book on the subject (Risk Led Safety – Evidence Driven Management) with his long standing friend and colleague, Duncan Spencer. Chris also wrote and delivered the original Dynamic Risk Assessment course for IOSH as well as a version of the three day Risk Assessment course and the Risk Assessment Train The Trainer package for the Hong Kong Police.

Working across a wide range of industries from steel production to hospitals and education, Chris has an impressive wealth of experience on which to draw when assisting clients who wish to get the most out of what they have.