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  • Christine Kohlert
  • Managing Director
  • Drees & Sommer, Switzerland

Visualization Tools For Lively Workshops


PROGRAMMING serves to specify the project requirements and to define the problem statement for the project. The method encourages a rapid start to the project by dispensing with linear thinking and focusing on networking information sources instead.

An important feature of the PROGRAMMING method is the involvement of all knowledgeable people of the company in the building development process. Information is gathered from all parts of the organisation and is discussed frankly. This participation creates a work atmosphere that releases creative potential, and ensures a successful start of the project.

Two additional features of the PROGRAMMING method are visualisation and structuring. During the interviews and workshops a visual record is made on cards with concise pieces of text and simple pictograms. Afterwards the individual items of information is structured and arranged under specific themes. The result is the card display.

In the workshop you will learn about the background of the method and why it is such a successful tool for workshops in general. You will learn about the pictograms and Christine Kohlert will teach you how to listen, to know which aspects are relevant and how to draw Programming cards as a visual protocol. With these card walls you are able to summarize the workshop quickly and all are involved in the process from the beginning. This workshop is relevant for all Workshop Experts, Human Resources Managers, Facility Managers and everybody who is involved in discussions with people and want to deal with them honestly.

  • Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes
  • CEO & Founder
  • Akka Architects, Netherlands

How to Use Your Workplace as a Strategic Tool To Maximize Your Impact



While all organizations are trying a large number of tools and solutions to succeed, 99% of them miss out on one crucial resource, that they are nonetheless paying for: their workspace. Real estate is the second highest expense in most organizations, yet we are not maximizing the returns it can produce.

During the workshop Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, architects and workplace consultant will show you how to best use your workspace as a strategic tool to grow your organisation. She will guide you through the step by step process to set up you workspace strategically in order to attract, retain and develop the best teams in your organization, and contribute to helping your organization innovate effectively and more consistently. This workshop is especially relevant for Workplace experts, Human Resources Managers, Facility Management leaders and all Workspace leaders, who are seeking to use their workspace and work environment to their people’s and companies’ advantages. In this workshop, you will learn how to maximize your ROI on your workspace and even more importantly on your people.

  • Petronela Zainuddin
  • Founder & Creative Director
  • Good Morning Creativity,, France
  • Karim Zainuddin
  • Founder & Creative Workshop Facilitator
  • Good Morning Creativity, France

How to Design a Workplace that will Unleash Creativity and Foster Innovation



Many companies talk about innovation... But how many of them truly innovate? How many have adapted their operational and management processes to foster everyday innovation? How many have designed their workplace according to their innovation strategies? Not too many!

If your company aims to develop a culture of innovation, then re-thinking your workplace can help you to accelerate this strategic process. During this workshop you will learn how to create an environment that will unleash creative powers of your teams and facilitate collaborative innovation. Through a practical design challenge, you will discover how to translate the company innovation strategy and user needs into a space planning and choose the right furniture and collaborative tools.

This workshop is designed for all curious minds and especially for Innovation and Workplace experts and all leaders who aim to transform their workplace into a playground for innovators.