Advanced RBI for Process Industry

Advanced RBI for Process Industry Training Course Fleming_Header

This course will provide inspectors and analysts with advanced knowledge and skills in Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) based on the framework defined in API RP 580 and an in-depth understanding of the calculations performed according to the API RP 581 for fixed equipment and piping.

Well Completions and Interventions

Well Completions and Interventions Training Course | Fleming

This course uses 4 online half-day modules to provide an in-depth introduction to well
completions and interventions for the oil and gas industry.

Produced Water Treatment & Management

Produced Water Treatment & Management Training Course | Fleming

The course is presented by an independent consultant, well recognized in the petroleum industry, who has travelled around the world to provide assessments of water systems and treatment options and who is well-updated on the latest technologies under development and qualified by the industry.

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation training by Fleming Header

The most complete and comprehensive CUI course in the market running since 2014. Your guide to understanding and managing CUI.

Materials and Corrosion in Well Engineering

Materials and Corrosion in Well Engineering Training Course | Fleming

This interactive course is intended for materials and corrosion specialists, well engineers, production technologists, and other disciplines involved in well design and operations in the energy related sectors.

Well Plugging and Abandonment

Well Pluggin and Abandonment online live training Fleming Header

This 4-day master-class seminar will cover in depth how and why wells are plugged and abandoned at the end of their useful life.

Process Gas Chromatography & CEMS Systems

Process Gas Chromatography & CEMS systems training organized by Fleming_Header

Analytical instruments used for online chemical analysis of process streams or plant environments are generally called Process Analyzer Systems or Quality Measuring Instruments. Reliable online analytical data is crucial for a safe and efficient operation is not limited to the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry but also for Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and other industries.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibodies online live training organized by Fleming_Header

This unique 3-day course is designed for advanced persons & specialists in the field of protein therapeutics or participants who have emphasis to jump into this exciting new business field.